The Surprising Habit Limiting Small Business Growth

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Introduction to Success and Its Meaning

Success is a word I utilize a lot, in fact, it is a word used to describe my company, Our Success Group. But what does it mean can often get lost as we strive to reach it? To some, it is measured in money, to others it is measured in lives affected. To others, it means being happy and fulfilled. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary says it is defined as a “favorable or desired outcome.” Your definition and the way you measure it is crucial to ultimately say you are a success. How do you measure and define success?

The Pitfall of Control in Business Success

I personally measure success by how well we can adapt to new situations, bring fresh ideas to the table, and work seamlessly with others. And for a long time, I also measured it by how well I controlled everything. I had to become a master of everything, micro-manage every detail, and focus exclusively on the outcomes. But I learned the uncommon mindset of letting go because I realized that habit was sabotaging all of the other measures of success. This habit was impacting my productivity and creativity, not to mention how it affects our relationships – all key ingredients for a thriving business. As I continue to work to let go, I discovered we have a preconceived notion that we have complete control, but that illusion gets in our way. What we can control and what we should be focused on are the ‘why’ – what is our reason for doing the things we do and the ‘who’ – who do we want to be and how would future successful me respond to the experience or circumstance that we are trying to control. 

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Self-Management vs. Micromanagement

As small business owners, we’re in charge of everything, which often leads to micromanaging every detail to ensure perfection. But this approach can backfire, limiting our creativity and causing unnecessary stress. It’s about striking a balance between keeping things on track and allowing room for flexibility and innovation. We must learn that not everything has to be perfect to be effective.

Outcome Fixation vs. Process Appreciation

Setting goals is essential, but obsessing over specific outcomes will make us miss the small wins and adjustments along the way which might be the detour needed to reach our goal or make us blind to new possibilities. It comes from our fear of failure or a need for validation. Your role in success is not the ‘what’ or the ‘how’ but instead to adopt a process-oriented mindset refining along the journey and learning from setbacks. This will reduce anxiety and open doors to unexpected opportunities.

Self-Motivation and Authentic Communication

Another driving factor in control is the challenge to maintain our motivation and effectively communicate with clients, suppliers, and collaborators. Rather than trying to control every interaction or outcome, focus on building genuine relationships based on trust and integrity. Effective communication based on reliability (do what you say you are going to do) and authenticity (operate from your values), will enhance your business reputation.

Reimagining Success by Letting Go

It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it? In our pursuit of success at Our Success Group, one of the biggest challenges I’ve noticed – both for myself and in coaching others – is our own grip on control. It’s like we’re wired to think that if we’re not holding the reins tight, things will fall apart. This urge usually springs from fear of not knowing what’s around the corner and assuming it is the worst possible outcome. But, what if I told you that the magic happens when we loosen that grip? It turns out, that being adaptable and flexible in the face of constant change is essential. Once we start seeing changes not as obstacles but as opportunities to learn and grow, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. We start seeing paths and solutions that our ‘control goggles’ never allowed us to see before.

It’s easy to get fixated on the final results we are chasing. True growth lies in appreciating the process itself. When we shift our focus from the ‘what’ to the ‘why’, we open up to new learnings, to those small wins that really are big victories in disguise. This approach has transformed the way I view success in my work and interactions. It’s less about controlling the outcome and more about valuing the journey there – refining our strategies, learning, growing, and most importantly, enjoying each moment. That’s where real, lasting success is found.

As we explore these mindset shifts and strategies for small business growth, it’s crucial to have a solid foundation. That’s exactly what we aim to build at Our Success Group with our FUNdamentals Live program. It’s designed to help you, as a small business owner, develop the fundamental skills necessary to grow your business effectively. Join us to dive deeper into mastering these crucial aspects and transform the way you approach success. Find out more and take your first step towards a more adaptable, process-oriented business strategy at FUNdamentals Live.

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