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How I solved my Home Wi-Fi Issues

How I solved my Home Wifi Issues

I have always been searching for the best home Wifi solutions, and have spent lots of time an money trying to figure it all out. I am as far away from an IT professional as it comes, so I have felt like I’m always chasing my tail. I have spent lots of money “trying things” as I tell my wife. We spend nearly $70 per month on the best internet service we have access to at our house. We cut the cable and went to streaming as a family over a year ago, and I also have a need for good upload speeds to do live video and audio for my Podcast. Because our house is a 2 story with a basement, I was stuck in the basement for the live videos and our TV’s upstairs were slow and clunky. 

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Online Marketing Graphic Design Tools

Online Marketing Graphic Design Tools

Many of us are somewhat proficient with professional graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw so using an online design tool might seem like a waste of time. But I have discovered a couple of pretty good graphic design tools that especially for marketing and social media have become invaluable to me. I want to share them with you and … Read more