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8 Key Roadblocks to Achieving Your Goals

8 Key Roadblocks to Achieving Your Goals

Insights from Success Principles Trainers As we move through the days and months of our annual cycle we might start asking ourselves “Why am I struggling to reach my goal?” Being a Jack Canfield Certified Success Principles Trainer, and author of the Book, ‘The FUNdamentals of Business Success’, I love to discuss with other trainers … Read more

Overcoming Quitter’s Day

Quitter’s Day is the second Friday of January each year. Quitter’s Day is set aside to recognize those who set new year goals and fail to achieve them. The tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions began 4,000 years ago with the ancient Babylonians. The idea for Quitter’s Day is to encourage and support those who have given up on their New Year’s resolution or goal to try again and ultimately succeed. Research has shown that people quit their resolutions for the year, and many good intentions are abandoned in about 2 weeks. Because this is only 3% of the entire year, which seems so tiny, it made me wonder why so many people want to improve their lives, businesses, and communities, yet for all our best efforts; we run out of willpower in only 2 weeks.

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3 Principles – Believe

3 Principles – Keep Score for Success

“3% Of People Have Measurable Written Goals for their Life, Also 3% of the Population Owns 90% Of the Resources in the World” – Jack Canfield

Keep Score for Success

It is in our nature as humans to reach for something and to go for something better than where we are at now. It is how we became the dominant species on the planet and according to a study by Cameron Anderson of the University of California, Berkeley and John Angus D. Hildreth of Cornell University we actually strive for superiority. This nature makes scorekeeping very important as it gives us the push to grow that extra inch, sell the extra box of girl scout cookies or do that extra lap. The act of keeping score encourages you to eat right, ask one more friend and work harder each run. The scorekeeping is not a way to point out failures and cover your butt. Instead, it is meant to stimulate us to have more wins and get closer to success each time.

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3 Principles - Be Willing to Pay The Price

3 Principles – Be Willing to Pay The Price

“If people knew how hard I worked to gain my mastery, it would not seem wonderful at all” – Michelangelo

Be Willing to Pay The Price

We all know an overnight success right? Wrong! Even the successful people or companies that seem to show up out of nowhere, have built what they have and have been exactly where you are at right now. What they did differently is they paid the price, lived through the pain of failures, took big risks and made it. The harder they worked, the more they risked, the faster they got there, but they still had to get there. So, you have to be willing to pay the price. You have to put in the hours when you don’t feel like it. You have to have hard conversations with people holding you back. You have to make that big investment that deep down you know is going to help, but it makes you sick to your stomach to think about. You have to be willing to pay the price and accept possible failures as nothing more than a learning experience.

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3 Principles – Believe


I was fortunate enough to recently attend a seminar by Jack Canfield (Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) called One Day to Greatness. We spent the day reviewing some of his 67 success principles. During that seminar, I started thinking about which of the principles were the most aligned with business success and came up with a top-three list. These three can give you a wonderful foundation to work with, a reminder to reinvest in your business and a way to measure what is working. I want to break down my top-three principles for business success based on Mr. Canfield’s list of 67 Success Principles. Here is Part 1…


“If you can dream it, you can do it!” Walt Disney

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