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Micro-Consulting is a quick specific program designed to move you forward in several areas quickly. From Clarifying Your Reason (what some people refer to as a "Why") to setting pricing strategies. Utilize these micro-consulting offers to boost your business fast without massive investments of time and money. Experience the speed and transformation of using an asynchronous messaging platform.


🔍 Clarify Your Reason: 🚀 Ignite 🌟 Unstoppable Success 💪

Unleash your potential for just $297!

Personalized coaching, a strategic workbook, and transformative tools await. Invest in success now! 🚀💼💡

🔍 Clarify Your Reason: 🚀 Ignite Your Inner Potential for 🌟 Unstoppable Success 💪

🔍 Embark on a transformative journey to discover your unique reason 🎯, set meaningful goals, and unlock 🔓 the power of your potential.

Are you a small business owner, or entrepreneur, that is feeling overwhelmed with managing all aspects of your business while striving for work-life balance? "Clarify Your Reason" is the game-changer you're seeking! 🌟

✨ Every thriving business, every successful entrepreneur, starts with a compelling 'Why.' This 'Why' is your unique reason, the driving force that fuels your entrepreneurial spirit daily.

🚀 In our dynamic program, we will guide you to uncover your own 'reason,' helping you to align your business goals with your core values. This will not only drive your success but also ensure you stay true to your passion without burning out.

🔍 With our proven strategies, insightful exercises, and personalized guidance, you'll define your core values and strengths. You'll learn to set meaningful, achievable goals that align with your reason, ensuring your business growth aligns with your fulfillment.

💡 Our comprehensive training package includes a 13-page guided workbook filled with enlightening exercises, links, and extra resources. You'll also benefit from asynchronous video interactions with certified success coach Aaron Montgomery, and several one-on-one Zoom consulting sessions for personalized guidance and support.
Are you ready to transform your small business into a reflection of your unique reason? To balance your passion for work with the life you love? If so, join us on this journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and business success. 💼🎯👍

I have over 25 years of experience with personalized products and small business development. You can find me co-hosting the decorator’s oldest and most listened to Podcast – 2 Regular Guys Podcast. I also have a solo podcast I host called Small Business Saturdays.


What small business owners are saying about us!

Becky Breeding Midwest Ink Co.

The training is great. You made it super simple with the spreadsheets and other resources. For the first time in 13 years, I'm paying myself.

Dax Stewart

You guys have made a significant difference in my business and with me personally.

Create a business you LOVE!

With a clear reason, and actionable plan and strategies to take action, anyone WILL have a business they love! INCLUDING YOU!

Example Presentations

Fast Track Your Success

Fast Track Your Success

Halve the Time to Achieve Your Goals. Learn the art of turning aspirations into achievements quickly and effectively
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Advanced AI Marketing

ChatGPT's Evolving Role in Business Growth. Explore the incredible potential of ChatGPT in transforming your marketing strategies.
Mastering Pricing for Profit

Master Pricing for Profit

Discover the Key to Pricing Your Craft with Confidence! Unlock the Art & Science of Profitable Pricing.
Business By Design: Building a Business That Works For You

Business By Design

Building a Business That Works For You. Turn your business into a source of joy and fulfillment. Designed to empower entrepreneurs to take strategic control of their business.

Planting the Seeds of Success

Unlock the formula for a thriving business by blending fun and foundational principles.

Empower Yourself

Learn how to reclaim control of your small business by taking 100% responsibility for your actions and mindset.

Mastering the Review Cycle Mindset

A transformative approach of setting clear goals, devising a strategic plan, taking decisive actions, and regularly reviewing your progress.

It's Time to Take Action

A lack of action is the biggest hurdle holding you back from turning your hobby into a business.
Simple Act of Working ON

Simple Act of Working ON Your Business

Why planning, working on your business, and fortifying your foundation prevents overwhelm.

Conquer Fear and Thrive

Fear is a powerful deterrent to success, but fear is also something that can be managed.

3 Pricing Strategies to Avoid

(And what to do instead...) Finding a pricing strategy that will lead your company to profitability.

How to be a Goal Getter

Setting Goals You will Achieve. Goal setting is one of the most important skills a business owner can have.

Keys to Starting a Product Decorating Business

Motivate small businesses to develop a foundation to start and grow quickly.

Unlocking Your Full Potential

Overcome internal roadblocks that may be hindering business success through guided meditation and identifying limiting beliefs.

The 5 Keys of Marketing

5 key areas to focus on in your marketing BEFORE posting on social media.

Getting your LIFE back!

Guiding business owners to manage time effectively through a system, tackling time management challenges and working smarter.