Conquer Fear and Thrive

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Fear is a powerful deterrent to success...

...but fear is also something that can be managed. For small businesses, we face a lot of new challenges daily and come face to face with both the fear of failure and of success. But to move our business forward and get out of our comfort zone we must not only face the fear but then thrive instead of living in the "what if". We are going to explore what fear is, how it gets a hold of us, and techniques to confront fear and turn it into the Art of Success.

This 30-minute video will give you a whole new perspective on fear, and following the techniques you learn and putting them into action, you will start getting outside of your comfort zone and realizing the success you deserve.

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FUNdamentals Live | #FUNLive

❤️ A small business retreat where you come together as a community to facilitate falling in love with your business. ❤️

Are you a proactive small business owner who knows there must be a different way, ready to let go of the hustle and grind and find true fulfillment in your business? Ready to make an investment to be inspired to fall in love with YOUR business? This event will provide the foundation and framework that will sustain you to achieve your goals. This event is different than any other event that the garment and product decorating industry has had. It's not a trade show with people selling stuff, and it is not a training or lecture where you have to take in the information and then figure out how to implement it once they you home. It is an experience based on the FUNdamentals from the book, The FUNdamentals of Business Success. You will work through the processes together with the rest of the community. Each section is anchored with an experience so all you have to do is go back and keep the process moving. YOU WILL LEAVE BETTER THAN YOU CAME!

FUNdamentals Live | #FUNLive