What Are DTF (Direct To Film) Transfers?

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What are DTF (Direct To Film) transfers?

DTF (Direct To Film) is a newer technology that closely resembles DTG (Direct To Garment) but instead of printing on a substrate, it prints on a special film. These films are printed and an adhesive powder is added to the DTF print which is then cured and allows the film to become a heat applied DTF transfer. The great thing about DTF transfers is that you are able to have full-color transfers without the minimum requirements. The washabilty of DTF transfers has been stated by the ink manufacturers to be over 50 washes. Internally we have tested over 40 washes and the image still looks as good as it did on day 1 with no fading or cracking to be found.

What do I need to print my own transfers?

In DTF (Direct To Film) printing, you have a few options, you can convert a printer yourself to become a DTF printer, you can purchase an already converted DTF printer from a reputable company, or you can buy and import a purpose-built DTF printer directly from China. There are pros and cons of each of these. Converting a printer to become a DTF printer is going to be the least expensive way to get into DTF  printing but also has the greatest factor of errors. If you link to tinker with equipment and don’t mind trying to figure things out this may be the best way for you to go. Purchasing an already converted printer from a reputable vendor will save you the hassle of trying to figure things out. Most vendors will also have some kind of support to assist you while you are learning the rope of DTF printing. Going this route will cost more than converting one yourself but could also save you countless hours of headaches. Finally, you can purchase and import a purpose-built DTF printer straight from China. While this is the most costly method, you will have a DTF system that has a DTF printer, shaker, and dryer that was made to produce DTF transfers. One downside is that there is a chance that technical support will be hard to come by. It is best if buying directly from China to ask around, see who others have dealt with and what their experience was before purchasing. Now, I do believe that as the DTF industry grows that in the next 12-18 months we will have a U.S.-based company that will have its own line of DTF printers. These will most likely cost more than the imported machines from China but will also come with easily accessible parts and support.

What is the process to create a DTF transfer?

The process to create a DTF transfer is pretty straightforward. Design, print, powder, and cure to have a ready to press DTF transfer. You will create your design in your graphic design software of choice and depending on the rip software will either mirror or not mirror and export the file as the correct type. From there you send it to the printer and wait. This is where the choice of printers really comes into play because some slower printers can take as long as 10-12 minutes to print an image. The design will print the color portion first followed by the white layer with will end up being the underbase of the print. Once the design is printed you will apply the powder adhesive evenly to the DTF print. After you apply the powder comes the messing part of shaking off the excess powder. Now that the powder is covering the DTF transfer it is time to cure. Curing can be done on a press, in an oven, and even a tunnel drier. You will need to test out which method works best for you. We have printed, powdered, cured, and now have a complete read to press DTF transfer. You can press DTF transfers on t-shirts that are cotton, poly, and even blends!

Example DTF Prints
DTF (Direct To Film) Transfers

Why do I need DTF Transfers?

You need DTF Transfers for a few reasons like no cutting or weeding, while you purchase the equipment to create your own DTF transfer you are also able to buy directly from us and not have minimums required on single image sheets. These transfers are a great option for those smaller order and are really user friendly to press. 

The sizes we offer are as follows

  • Small 4.5” x 4.5”
  • Medium 4.5” x 11”
  • Large 11” x 7”
  • Extra Large 15.5” x 11”

Gang sheets will be available soon as well but will require a minimum sheet order.

If you are interested in purchasing ready to press DTF transfers you can order through our website www.FatDadWholesale.com

We went over the entire process on Tuesday With Todd which can be found here https://youtu.be/fkvTex6ejOk

If you want to take the plunge and try your hand at creating your own DTF transfers we have an affiliate link with our supplier here https://dtfsuperstore.com/r?id=0nd4jh

And as always you can find all of our informational, group, store, and affiliate links here https://linktr.ee/FatDadCD

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