Success in Apparel Sublimation

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One of the real areas for Success in Apparel Sublimation is in the value proposition. Like it or not, polyester is here to stay, and the ability to sell a polyester garment at a premium draws most people to sublimation for apparel decoration.

Polyester has changed dramatically in recent years, and it’s something consumers look for when making their buying decisions. Polyester also allows for the softest hand available in decorated apparel with no stuck-on plastic or pieces of vinyl. Traits like these allow you to sell these garments for a premium price, as the perceived value is greater than other apparel in the market.

With all-over garment decorating becoming more prevalent in the marketplace today, we see more and more people leaning towards sublimation for decorated apparel. If you are not, at least, contracting out sublimation apparel, you are missing a growing and lucrative part of the garment decorating marketplace. Markets like team apparel (volleyball, basketball, etc.), outdoor sports (hunting, fishing, cycling), and fashion (burnout and resort wear) are all ripe and ready for sublimation.

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