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After a long winter, spring is finally here! The arrival of spring also brings us an abundance of opportunities for sublimation products. One of these products that can be sold most times of the year is sublimated garden flags. These flags are typically 12” wide x 13” long, which is excellent because it means that you can use a 13” x 19” transfer and 16” x 20” press to make these!

Garden flags come blank, which means they are a completely blank slate, so your imagination only limits you for a design. Common design themes are season-related, name-related, holiday-related, or event-related. What this means is that you can sell flags to the same person time and time again. You can sell them an Easter design, a Spring design, a Mothers Day’s design, a Summer design…. See what I mean? 

Now that we have your ideas flowing, let’s talk about the flags themselves. Most of the flags all fall into that same size category of 12” wide by 13” long garden flags. When it comes to the print area for your garden flags, you can get either single-sided or double-sided garden flags. Double-sided garden flags are a great selection if the display area is in a place where you can see both sides of the flag. Single-sided garden flags work great up next to a house or in a garden where you can only see one side of the flag. We have used two types of garden flags to sublimate on, the first being a faux linen type and the second being white. The faux linen type offers a unique style, but if your design calls for white since we can not sublimate white, it will be the faux linen pattern. The great thing about using the white garden flags is that you do not have to worry about any white issues. With photos, the pictures are bright and vibrant without a pattern showing through. 

Our preferred vendor for our garden flags is MontCo.biz. Whether we need 1 or 100, they have always offered top-notch service and quick turnaround times. When you purchase your garden flags from MontCo.biz, you will also receive a design template to know exactly where to place your design to provide a fantastic product to your customer. Now, what happens if you cannot print a 13” x 19” transfer or if you have a 15” x 15” press or smaller? Well, MontCo.biz has you covered there as they even offer a sublimation fulfillment service, so all you need to do is send them the artwork, and they will print, press, and send you a completed ready-to-sell garden flag!  

When you purchase your garden flags from Montco.biz, the recommended sublimation press settings for the garden flags are to set your temperature to 395° F, your time to 60 seconds, and you will want to use heavy pressure. We use tape to hold our transfers down to our garden flags, but you could also use an adhesive spray if you wish. Just remember to go easy with the spray if you choose. A quick spritz is all you will need. We recently did a pressing demo on Tuesday With Todd where we showed how to sublimate these blank garden flags from MontCo.biz here https://youtu.be/BVhn_lc1BzY. We would love to see your creativity shine and what your sublimated garden flags look like. Feel free to join our FaceBook group at Facebook.com/groups/OSGBusinessBasics, and once a member, make a post to show off your incredible work!

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