Using Spray Tack Adhesive with Sublimation

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Using Spray Tack Adhesive with Sublimation

I recommend only using spray tack adhesive on soft goods like mouse pads, can coolies, and garments. There are some hard surface items where you must use spray tack adhesive, like awards plaques where tape could damage the edges.  You must spray the adhesive correctly for those items and your soft goods. You must spray the printed side of the transfer paper, not the substrate, with a very light and fine mist. To do this, you should spray the transfer paper from about 2 feet away in a firm quick spray over the transfer paper. If you get any splotches or excessively wet areas, you will have trouble with the ink transferring correctly in that area. Ensure the transfers only get a light fine mist of the correct spray tack adhesive.

Check out my video about it below.

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