A Quick and EASY Way to Increase Your Sales

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This is as quick and easy as you can find, but yet most of us neglect this unknowingly. The crazy part is that it is super easy, and the right thing to do. So here it goes (have I stalled long enough now?) … Build a better relationship with your CURRENT customers.

Current customers are extremely important to a decorators business. They got you to where you are, they already know what it is like to do business with you. If you did it right the first time around, I’m sure they would want to do it again, but probably don’t truly know what you are capable of doing or even know they need other services from you. All they need is a little TLC, some communication and the feeling that you truly care and I bet you will see new business from your old customers nearly instantly.

The cost to set up new customers and get them situated into your way of doing business is much higher than continuing to work with recurrent customers. Communicating with them is very important. You need to make sure you are asking about their satisfaction level and what things you can do to improve their experience. I would even take this a step further and target you’re returning customers who are your ideal customers and make them part of your business decisions. You should be asking these people everything you can and getting as much information as they are willing to share with you about their experience. I truly believe that the more customer-centric a business can be the more profitable they will be.

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