Overcoming Sales Objections

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Many times small business people or even professional sales people reach the end of a sales cycle and they run into objections that normally seem to feel like a price or cost objection.

From my experience, I have found that a pricing or cost objection is not actually an interest in a lower price, but it is actually a lack of perceived value. To overcome sales objections, make sure that you explain to them thoroughly why the products value is what it is and help them find a perceived value before lowering price.

Two good ways to overcome sales objections are; 1) Make sure to fully listen to them throughout the sales cycle. They will tell you during that process what is interesting them in your product or service and if you truly listen you can find the key to their value indicator. 2) A very good long-standing technique that has been used is called Feel, Felt, Found. First, empathize with them, telling them that you understand how they feel. Then tell them about somebody who felt the same way. Then tell them how that other person found your products to be valuable to them.

For garment decorators / screen printers, here is a good example of how to overcome sales objections:

So I understand that you are a bit hesitant because of the $50 artwork, screen, ink charge to take your shirts to the next level and add those additional colors. I totally understand how budgets work and feel the same way when I’m buying something. We recently created some shirts for a running club that had for years been making one color shirts for their group. They felt it was a good way to save, but a new president of the club wanted to step their shirts up to be something their members would proudly wear all the time, and we created a very colorful full-color design for them and the shirts have become the talking point of the club. They found that their members no longer just expected a shirt for being a part of the club, now the members were willing to pay a little extra for the shirts and they infused additional money into their program that helped them put together an amazing charity run to help give back to their community.

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