Items Needed for a Successful Laser Transfer Business

Proven Business System

This list is a fairly complete list of all the parts and accessories a company would need to have a successful transfer business. This list is for a professional shop set-up that should be able to handle most jobs that are right for laser transfer. This would include light garments, dark garments, and hard surface items. Please note that as of the writing of this post, I do not have any stake in any of these companies and do NOT sell any of the products. These are just my opinions from past experience.


  • OKI Data pro 920WTOKI Data C831-TS – This will allow you to produce your dark garments or other items that need white toner.
  • OKI Data C831-TS – An additional tool that you will use to produce a lower cost light garment transfer as well and just cheaper toner costs in general. Worth the extra investment.

Heat Presses / Accessories

  • 16 x 20 Swing A Way or Drawer Press – This press will be useful for the hard surface items and marrying A/B sheets for no weed transfers.
  • 16 x 20 Clam Shell Press (Auto Release preferred) – This press will be used for the garment transfers and quick moving pressing of the final product.
  • Adjustable Mug Wraps
  • Heat Resistant Foam Pack (16 x 20)
  • Small Convection Oven

Heat Transfer Paper / Accessories

  • 2 Step Dark Shirt Weedless Product (Neenah Imageclip LD or Forever Laser Dark)
  • Hard Surface Transfer Paper (Neenah TechniPrint HS or Magic Touch CPM)
  • 2 Step Light Shirt Transfer Paper (Neenah Imageclip for Lights)
  • No Weed Light Transfer Paper (Joto Paropy CL TrimFree or One Step HiTemp Plus® “No Weed”)
  • Universal Light Paper (Neenah TechniPrint 4.0)
  • Opaque Dark Transfer Paper (Neenah Laser One Opaque)
  • Single Color Transfer Paper (Forever Flex Soft, Neenah Imageclip Koncert-Tees)
  • Hot Stamping Foil – Various Colors

Shirts / Blanks

  • Fruit of the Loom HD Black Shirts
  • Fruit of the Loom HD White Shirts
  • Fruit of the Loom HD Assorted Colors
  • Assorted Other Garments like Sweatshirts and Jackets
  • Plaques or Wood Slabs from the Dollar Store or Hobby Store
  • Assorted Mugs of Different Colors

Other Accessories

  • Silicone Treated Parchment Paper
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • Cooling Tool (Dry Erase Erasure)
  • Cooling Slab (Concrete Area or a Large Tile of some sort)
  • Heat Resistant Tape

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