How to Transfer a Double-Sided Ceramic Ornament

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In the sublimation world there is the holiday gift-giving season and then all of the rest. Most sublimators triple or quadruple their business during the holiday season, and a very popular product is a ceramic ornament that can be imaged on both sides. Pressing one side than the next can be done, but many times the heat tape can cause blemishes and defects. I have perfected a great way to press these items quickly and without issue over and over again. Let’s check out how to transfer a double-sided ceramic ornament.

Double-sided Ceramic Ornament

First, you are going to need 3 specific things. I have linked to what I use on Amazon for these items.

After getting those items you need to set your heat press.  See your heat press to about 5 degrees more than you normally transfer ceramic at (395 to 405 would be my recommendation) and then set the time to 220 to 250 seconds.

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Now to prepare the transfer. Print your transfer with crop marks that represent the outside measurements of the ornament you are printing with a slight amount of bleed (1/8″ or so). Then cut both sides apart and leave one side with an extra quarter inch or so outside of the crop marks. Next, cut the other side exactly on the crop marks.

Now place the ornament onto the larger transfer sheet with the extra area around the transfer after making sure the ornament and transfers are free of any dirt or debris. Also, make sure it is centered exactly.

Then place the smaller transfer that was cut to the crop marks face down onto the ornament and align it to the crop marks on the other transfer sheet. Then tape it tightly down to the larger side without running the tape off the edge of the larger side.

After verifying your time, temperature and pressure are correct one more time, now you want to place a blowout sheet on your bottom platen, and then one of the 2 heat conductive rubber pads down.

Now place up to 6 to 8 ornaments onto the top of the rubber pad.

Place the other sheet blow-out sheet on top of the ornaments and then place the second rubber pad over the top of that before closing the press. Press with light to medium pressure, then remove the ornaments with Heat Resistant Gloves from the transfer paper immediately. Place them on a concrete surface or some sort of cooling rack.

  • If it is single-sided you can press with double-sided ornaments, just place the ornament face down on the transfer sheet and tape a plain blank piece to the top to protect it from any ink blowout.
  • Time and temperatures are going to vary and the number of ornaments in the press will also change the times. Once the heat pads are warmed up you might be able to reduce the time slightly.

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