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Becoming a Goal-Getter. I know it sounds like a fun twist on words, but it’s more than that. I’ve seen a lot of folks, and hey, I’ve been there too, running after big dreams but somehow never really catching them. I hear people saying they don’t want to set goals or New Year’s resolutions because they just don’t believe in them anymore. And I get it. I’ve spent plenty of years trying to be better, to do more, and just pushing hard until I made it. But guess what? I didn’t always make it, and yep, it was pretty discouraging. Then, something cool happened. I learned what makes a Goal-setter different from a Goal-getter. Continue reading as we dig into those differences. And if you’re curious about more tips and tricks on this, just give me a shout at ConsultAaron.com. Ready to see what it means to turn goals into reality?

Have you ever heard of Quitters Day? The fitness app Strava determined from their data that the date that most people give up on the resolutions is what they have termed Quitters days. It blows me away that it is 2 weeks into the new year. After 2 weeks the people who have a regular habit of going to the gym can start going back because the gym is not as crowded with new people. Those new people are starting to give up because all they have is willpower and a hollow wish.

Being a goal-getter starts with 4 main differences. First, a goal setter is very vague in their desire. I want to lose some weight, or I want to increase my revenue. Very vague ideas. If I had you an extra dollar that you would not have otherwise received, you just increased your revenue. Your subconscious brain sees that slight increase and stops providing the motivation needed to increase your revenue as it wants to save energy to keep you alive. A goal-getter instead is exceptionally precise with defining their goal. I WILL increase my revenue to earn $1 Million or more by December 21, 2024, at 6:13 PM Center of the Universe Time. Then your subconscious and that internal motivation doesn’t stop until it has achieved its objective that you specifically stated.

Secondly, a goal-setter has many many goals. “I’m going to do this, and I also need to do that, and then I’m going to do something else that makes me look important, and I need to do this for my family, and this for my community, and this other goal for me.” We have these huge lists and our goals actually overwhelm us. Again I understand. We are driven people who want to do something, leave a mark, support our families, and make a difference. We think the only way to do that is to tackle EVERYTHING at once! A goal-getter realizes the opposite is true. The only way to leave a mark, support our families, make a difference and more is to focus on one thing at a time. Start from the inside out and make the most important thing the most important thing. Once that ball is beginning to roll and has some momentum then you can work towards the next thing. The saying “Rome was not built in a day” applies here and the more you lack focus on what is most important to accomplish the harder it will be to accomplish anything.

The third difference is a goal-setter will focus entirely on the end result. “I need to lose 20 lbs. On day one 1 didn’t lose 20 lbs, I am a failure.” “I will increase my revenue, and on day 1 the money is not rolling in because of the one little action I tried, therefore I might as well give up.” A goal is meant to be the magnet, not the focus of the process. A goal-getter knows they must break down the goal into as many small actionable steps as possible and focus on those small steps. The small action unlocks clues into the next action. With the revenue goal, the first action might not have anything to do with making more sales. Maybe first you need to find a local organization to support, or a networking group to join or even just ask someone for help.

The final difference is that goal-setters tend to keep their goals hidden. They are super secret goals that fear drives them to keep hidden. Maybe they are afraid that if they share their goal, people will think it is too big, or too small or whatever label their internal critic is feeding them. Maybe fear tells them that if they share their goal, someone else will steal their good idea. Or whatever other excuse they make up to keep the goal super secret. But goal-getters share their goals with others. They understand success is a team sport. My book is a great example. It is a goal I achieved that I am proud of, but I am proud because so many people were willing to support me. There were plenty of times that the internal voice was telling me to quit. “Why me?” But I knew that I had made a commitment to the people I care about in the OSG Community, and I had to push forward. Plus resources showed up when I needed them along the way.

I know just enough about graphic design to be dangerous as it is not my zone of greatness. Therefore, I didn’t know how I was going to make a book cover I could be proud of. But then I was sharing the fact that I was working on my book, and a great friend offered to help me with the cover. I so love the cover, and I’m also proud that it features the amazing creativity of my friend, Dane Clement. That would have never happened if I had kept my goal secret.

What is your #1 goal? Go ahead, share it out loud! I hope every one of you becomes a goal-getter this year and beyond. I desire to cultivate in you the same passion I have for setting and achieving goals. And if you find yourself needing a bit of a boost or guidance on your path to becoming a true goal-getter, remember, I’m just a message away at ConsultAaron.com. I’m not just here to share ideas; I’m here to support you, to cheer you on, and to help you turn those ambitions into achievements

It’s about more than just crossing things off a list. It’s about growing, learning, and pushing beyond what you thought was possible. Take a moment to reflect on your goals. Think about what steps you can start taking right now to make them a reality. And remember, you’re not alone on this journey. Let’s make this year the year where we all step up, take charge of our dreams, and show the world what being a goal-getter is all about!

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