Admitting you Need a Standard Operating Procedure Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Standard operating procedures are in a simple term a guardrail for doing the work that needs to be done in your business day to day. The standard operating procedure (SOP) documentation is just a tool that allows owners and managers to continue to focus on improving the business and allows the employees to feel confident to make decisions and solve problems because they have a guide.

A good (standard operating procedure) SOP is not a details step by step guide, as mentioned it is a set of guides that help people learn how the business operates and how far they can go. The SOP should be a living breathing constantly updated tool, but it should never get so complicated that people can’t think for themselves. One of the best ways to get started with an SOP or to get your current standard operating procedure (SOP) to gain more traction with your team, is to include them in the process of developing and updating it. They are the ones doing the front line work so they have the most insight into the challenges and areas where guidance is needed. Lastly, make sure the document is easy to access and is part of the continuing dialog in your business. Hold regular meetings to review, revises and discuss the SOP so people have an understanding of the concepts being shared.

I would love to review your SOP’s and provide some feedback. Feel free to contact me and let me know where I can help.

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