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Getting Links to Open in A New Tab

Getting Links to Open in A New Tab

A tip I give when building a website is to make sure all external links open in a New Tab, as opposed to people just leaving your website to go check something out that you suggested they click on. A great example of this would be links to your social media accounts. We will use Facebook as an example. They currently have 2 BILLION monthly active users. I’m guessing you have fewer people coming to your website monthly. So they don’t need any help from you. But you do want people to check out your Facebook page so you link to it from your site. Then they go to check it out and you have them leave your site to go there. Then they get a notification from Facebook that the latest Cat Video is live and now they are down that rabbit hole. They completely forget about your site. If you had Facebook open in a new tab, they could go watch their cat videos, then when they are done they would see your site in their tabs and remember that they needed to buy 10,000 shirts from you. So here is how you do it.

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