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3 Principles – Keep Score for Success

“3% Of People Have Measurable Written Goals for their Life, Also 3% of the Population Owns 90% Of the Resources in the World” – Jack Canfield

Keep Score for Success

It is in our nature as humans to reach for something and to go for something better than where we are at now. It is how we became the dominant species on the planet and according to a study by Cameron Anderson of the University of California, Berkeley and John Angus D. Hildreth of Cornell University we actually strive for superiority. This nature makes scorekeeping very important as it gives us the push to grow that extra inch, sell the extra box of girl scout cookies or do that extra lap. The act of keeping score encourages you to eat right, ask one more friend and work harder each run. The scorekeeping is not a way to point out failures and cover your butt. Instead, it is meant to stimulate us to have more wins and get closer to success each time.

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