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Crafting Powerful AI Prompts for Better Results

AI is all the rage lately because of how much it is transforming the way things are done. It is both scary and wonderfully amazing at the same time. And what it is for sure is a technology that is here to stay and it will continue to change the way things are done. I realized that scared or not; I had better embrace it and lean into utilizing it. And unlike some who utilize AI to write all of their articles and blogs, I still write my own. But that is not to say that it is not an extremely useful tool for ideas, help in editing, and even just digging down deeper into things you want to learn and know. Of all the AI technology popping up, I have found myself using ChatGPT the most. And no matter how amazing it is or will become, it is like all things that require input, garbage in, garbage out. The better your prompt, the better your results.

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