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Printwear Magazine Q&A Sublimation Apparel

Printwear Magazine Q&A Sublimation Apparel

Recently Printwear Magazine asked me a few questions about sublimation of apparel. Here are these answers to the questions; What can apparel sublimation do for my shop? and What are some advantages/disadvantages to all-over apparel sublimation? What are your thoughts?

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All-Over Dye Sublimation - Why, How and What

All-Over Dye Sublimation – Why, How and What

As a relative newbie in the garment decorating industry (only 16 years so far) I find that sometimes discussing decoration with the veterans (old guys as my friend Terry Combs, who is an old guy, likes to say) can be an interesting conversation. Many are hardcore screen printing or some will even dip their toe … Read more

The Wide World of Sublimation - Wide Format Sublimation

The Wide World of Sublimation – Wide Format Sublimation

So you have heard of sublimation and maybe your customers are even asking you for sublimated items. Or maybe you are tired of dealing with dye migration or trying to find the right additives or other headaches related to decorating polyester. So you go to the ISS Show and find a sublimation printer and think you are ready. While that is most likely a decent starting point, I’m guessing you invested in a small format printer. In my opinion, about 85% of sublimators are using a small format system and many are doing pretty well. Small format is actually defined in the sublimation industry as any printer under 42” in width. So with all of those people using small format technology, why was I was excited to be asked by Impressions to write about wide-format, roll-to-roll sublimation? Wide Format Sublimation technology is one of those fields in our industry that has some misunderstandings that I would like to expose. Also, I want to share with you some new potential markets with the addition of wide-format roll to roll sublimation equipment.

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