🧘Thank you for signing the waiver. Join us at all of our virtual Yoga Events!

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Thanks for signing the waiver. You have now unlocked all of our virtual yoga classes. Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Tuesday nights. Yoga practice can be so beneficial in gaining more energy, strength, and joy in our lives. Should you have any questions, please reach out to me:

Kylene Montgomery
Mobile for Texting - 314-562-6180

Join Us in the Virtual Room!

What to need for the yoga classes:
Practice Rise and Shine Yoga in the comfort of your own home. Just try to make the space you have available free of distractions, as this is your practice and your precious time, so let's make the most of it.

You will need to provide yourself with a yoga mat. Yoga straps and yoga blocks (foam bricks) are highly recommended for additional support during our practice.

Ensure you have your computer/laptop, camera, and mic so you can follow along and participate to maximize your experience. 

What to wear:
Comfortable clothes (yoga pants or similar to allow you to move freely on your mat)
*Typically, yoga is best practiced with bare feet as you can grip your mat better with more stability.  This is not required; I just want you to be comfortable, so socks are okay - grippy ones are even better!

Donations Support our mission by making an optional donation to help us continue offering these wonderful sessions. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 🙏

Use the cash app Venmo@Kylene-Montgomery