AI Graphics Skills Training with Dane Clement

Embark on a transformative journey with our guest trainer, Dane Clement, as he delves into the intriguing realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in graphic design. Known for his work with Great Dane Graphics, Dane will share his unique insights into the intersection of AI and modern garment decoration. AI is a powerful tool, yet navigating it comes with its own set of challenges - there's the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Dane will shed light on all these aspects, focusing primarily on how to leverage AI capabilities within Photoshop to enhance your design skills. Beyond Photoshop, the training will explore Midjourney, one of the most extensive AI platforms in the market. Amidst the surge of AI programs and applications, deciding where to focus your energy can be daunting. Through Dane's experience, this session aims to streamline this process and empower you to leverage the best of AI in your creative ventures.

This session is designed to foster a synergistic relationship between human creativity and AI. Offering practical tips and hands-on exercises, our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of AI in graphic design. It's time to embrace the future of design and elevate your game. Join us and be part of this transformative journey!

A 60 Minute details presentation, hosted by Our Success Group with Guest Trainer, Dane Clement. Immediately following the training will be an open Q&A Session.

Empower Your Creativity, Elevate Your Skills - Join the AI Revolution for only $49

Featuring Dane Clement

  • Learn from a seasoned expert in the realm of AI and graphic design.
  • Understand the good, bad, and ugly aspects of AI as a design tool and learn how to effectively navigate its challenges.
  • Discover how to enhance your design skills using AI capabilities within Photoshop, and explore the power of Midjourney, one of the largest AI platforms.
  • Receive practical tips to apply AI to your creative ventures.
  • Foster a synergistic relationship between human creativity and AI – and take your graphic design skills to the next level!

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

*Recording Available Until July 31st. 2023

Tune in Live!

  • 8:00 PM Eastern
  • 7:00 PM Central
  • 6:00 PM Mountain
  • 5:00 PM Pacific

60 minutes. Plus a Question and Answer Session with Dane Clement

*Watch the recording until the end of the month.



You guys have made a significant difference in my business and with me personally.


The training is great. You made it super simple with the spreadsheets and other resources. For the first time in 13 years, I'm paying myself.

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