My Top 2015 Customer Service Companies on Twitter

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One question I get when talking to folks about social media is what can it be used for to help your business. Obviously lead generation and creating sales is a big reason people get on social media with their businesses, but I argue there is a much more important reason. That being, Customer Service! 

With that being said I wanted to take the time to congratulate these 3 companies that I have worked with this year on being shining examples of how to use social media, specifically Twitter, as a social media tool. I reached out to them via Twitter and they were helpful, professional, and even fun to work with to resolve the issues I was facing.

  1. Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) – I have been flying Southwest exclusively for at least 5 years now. They are no longer the cheapest fare, but they continue to impress when it comes to the service they provide and a big part  of it is their social media team. If I end up not being able to take a flight, or need to make a last minute change, I just direct message my confirmation number and after one or 2 short replies with some entertaining banter, everything is resolved and I’m moving on. Even when I had issues with their in air wifi, boom, the Social Media team took care of me and made me feel like a valued customer.
  2. Indeed (@IndeedSupport) – This is a pretty good website for finding employees (or a job if you are looking). Several people in my office use this and someone ended up messing up our login. I reached out to them via Twitter and within 30 minutes I was back up and running. Didn’t have to call anyone, didn’t have to do anything but let them know my account user ID. Again very professional and didn’t waste my time making me jump through a lot of hoops.
  3. Fitbit (@FitbitSupport)- I have been a fit bit user for years now and am actually on my 4th or 5th Fitbit. Yes, please hold the jokes I know I don’t look like it… Anyway, I have the watch now called the Surge (great product) and the band broke on it. I reached out to them to see where I could purchase a new band and they got right back to me. Not too much later, I received a new Fitbit Surge without much hassle. My only gripe was that they did want me to submit an email through their website, and while I understand that, I wished they would have been able to resolve it solely on Twitter. Not a huge inconvenience, I am still a very happy customer, but if I’m splitting hairs that would be it.

Who have you worked with on social media that stood out to you? Please share the story in the comments.

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