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There you are! The real go-getter of the community. The community, group, tribe, family as a whole is awesome, BUT you are ready for more. We knew it! This is the place to be for accountability, goal setting, support, and the tools to reinforce your foundation and push your business to the next level. This Mastermind Program is designed, structured, and built by a Success Principles Trainer who leads other Masterminds for Jack Canfield (America's #1 Success Coach and Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul). We are excited you are here to join the Masters of Success in conjunction with other driven people from the community you are in.

Masters of Success PLUS (MOS+) will rocket you to your idea of succes. Accountability and support - Based on a proven formula!


The Master of Success Program has been going on since 2020 and has proven to be a springboard to success. With the 5 Keys System and other resources available through Our Success Group, combined with the power of the mastermind we have seen true transformation and growth. The idea of a mastermind was for back in the 1930s by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich. In today's world the word "mastermind" is used as a buzzword, but we were able to learn from America's #1 Success Coach, Jack Canfield, the structure that works! This is the fastest way to reach your idea of success and achieve a level of accountability in your business you have not had before. AND you also get access to industry-leading education and training, like Marketing, Business Planning, Time Management, and more.

Your group will be made up of 3 to 6 peers who will work together every other week to pull each other up to success. These groups are for people who are committed to their success and are willing to take the actions needed. It is time to quit struggling to grow your business alone and use solid proven mastermind principles to have the business of your dreams.

Did we mention accountability? Small businesses oftentimes fail because they have to motivate and push themselves ALONE. That is no longer true if you are ready for success. The Bi-Weekly calls will allow you to crowd-source solutions and provide accountability. For each call, the members will set goals and then check in during the next call with your progress. The specifics of how this is facilitated are the magic that will help drive you to success. We require a minimum commitment of 3 months we know change takes time, but we also know in 3 months if you take the actions you will see success you didn't know was possible!

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

– Jim Rohn

Direct Group Problem Solving

Complete OSG Squad Membership Benefits

Peer Accountability and Goal-Getting Support
Asynchronous Implementation Tools
Email and Text Access to the Trainers
Access to Live Video Q&A
Bi-Weekly Group Video Calls
Structured Mastermind Program with a proven formula of success!
All of the Monthly Live Training Sessions
Access to ALL Past Training including Marketing, Business Planning and More
Full Access to the 5 Keys of Growing and Launching Training Module Program

Be part of something that will truly inspire you, hold you accountable and create meaningful change in you and your business.


On the calls, you will enjoy the community, crowd-source solutions, and find accountability that comes from being a part of a mastermind group like MOS+.

These calls are structured based on proven formulas and agendas to maximize your time and allow the entire group to thrive. PLUS you will also get many other benefits that come along with being part of a group powered by Our Success Group.

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The groups are limited to 3 to 6 per groupLead by an Admin of your Community - Familiar Faces!Your success is our success!

Before Registering...

By registering you are committed to making a quarterly or yearly commitment and payments that are recurring. Memberships can be canceled at any time after the initial term of 3 months (6 calls). You are also committed to making all reasonable efforts to attend and participate in 6 virtual zoom calls each quarter. Finally, you are committing to yourself and your fellow mastermind members that you will:

I will come to the calls prepared and focus on my group and business.
I will abide by the agenda set for the calls and respect the time limits.
I will contribute ideas and solutions to the group and hold an abundance mentality.
I will make it a priority to attend every call and hold myself accountable.
I will not judge how others define success but will support them toward whatever they hope to achieve.
I will keep everything that is shared during the calls private unless I get express permission to share it outside of the group.

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Masters of Success PLUS Pricing


$495/ per qtr.

$165/ per mo

Paid quarterly at $495 per quarter.

Price includes all the MOS+ Benefits AND full access as an OSG Squad Membership


$1500/ per year

$125/ per mo

Paid annually at $1500 per year.

Save $480 per year.
Price includes all the MOS+ Benefits AND full access as an OSG Squad Membership

Not sure if it is right for you and you have more questions before registering? We are happy to talk to you and discuss your business and answer any questions we can. We know this is a big investment, but it is an investment in your future that we know is worth it!

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