Future YOU Party

What is a "FUTURE YOU" Party?

Here are the details on what a "Future You" Party is:

In Jack Canfield's The Success Principles, he talks about a party he was once invited to.  It was a "Come as You Will Be in 1991" party (it was 1986) held on the Queen Mary, and the purpose of the party was to encourage the attendees to visualize and go for their dreams.

Guests were told to imagine everything they wanted to be in five years and stretch their imaginations even further.  They were to arrive dressed as if they were currently living the life they wanted in the future.  They were to dress and act "as if," including props that might help demonstrate their achievements, such as books written, awards received, large checks earned, etc.

They had to talk and act the whole evening as if it were five years in the future and they had already attained their dreams, even bragging about their accomplishments, celebrating their successes and the success of others, and talking about how happy and fulfilled they were, and what was to come next.  They must stay in character the whole night.

Jack went as a bestselling author, with reviews of his bestselling books.  Another man came dressed like a beach bum because his dream was to retire and live the multimillionaire "beach bum life" and spent the evening handing out real lottery tickets to everyone at the party.  A woman had a mock issue of Time magazine with her face on the cover and an article referring to the award she won for her work in advancing the peace movement.  Another man who wanted to be a stock trader spent the evening glued to his phone, talking excitedly and saying, "buy 5000 shares!"  He'd hired someone to call him every 15 minutes to enhance his persona.  A man who wanted to be a sculptor showed up in a leather apron with sculpting tools and pictures of the mock sculptures he'd made.

The point of this party is to create an emotionally charged experience of what your life will be like when you achieve your dreams.  "When you spend an evening living out the lifestyle you want and deserve," says Jack, "you lay down powerful blueprints in your subconscious mind, that will later support you in perceiving opportunities, creating powerful solutions, attracting the right people, and taking the necessary actions to achieve your dreams and goals."