The FUNdamentals of Business Success Live Experience
FUNdamentals Live | #FUNLive

Transform Your Business From 'Have To' into 'Get To'. You won't just learn the FUNdamentals—you'll put them into action and walk away with a blueprint to manage a business that truly fulfills you. Register Now!

FUNdamentals Live Dates - June 7-8, 2024

🛠️ Build the foundation your business needs!

At FUNLive you will learn to save timeand money 💰plus gain a clear sense of purpose🎯 and master time management ⏰

Leave with a custom action plan 📈 tailored just for you and your business.

The FUNdamentals Await!

FUNdamentals Live | #FUNLive

Welcome to the FUNdamentals of Business Success small business workshop and retreat! We want you to fall deeper in love with your business! ❤️ This event WILL transform your approach to business and personal growth.

Embrace the transformation at FUNdamentals Live – an exclusive two-day small business workshop and retreat in O'Fallon, MO. #FUNLive is tailored for overwhelmed entrepreneurs seeking a revival of passion and clarity in their business. This intimate and immersive event will guide you to align your business with your purpose. Forge a deeper connection with your work, gain confidence in your decision-making, and walk away with a clear plan and vision. Join us to transform the love for what you do into a tangible plan for success—because a business built with passion is unstoppable.

The FUNdamentals of Business Success Book

Hosted In Beautiful O’Fallon, Missouri. | Just West Of St. Louis, Missouri

The excitement is building! Will you be one of the lucky few to join us?

FUNdamentals Live | #FUNLive

Only 40 30 seats remain available on a first-come, first-served basis! Register Early!

When you join us at FUNdamentals Live, you will leave with:

Purpose Clarity

You will leave this event with a deeper understanding of your business's 'why', aligning your daily operations with your core values and vision, paving the way for more meaningful success.

Tools to Overcoming Barriers

Practical strategies and insights to release limiting beliefs, empowering you to break through mental barriers that have been hindering your business growth.

Realistic and Achievable Goal

A clear ambitious yet attainable goal, along with a roadmap of strategies to achieve the goal and transform your dreams into an actionable plan.

A Comprehensive Business Plan

Hands-on experience in crafting a robust business plan, covering crucial aspects like relationship management, pricing strategies, marketing foundations, and customer service policies.

Productivity Enhancement

Strategies for taking more productive action, including time management techniques and optimizing daily routines for peak performance.

Personal Growth and Development

Insights and exercises focused on personal development, including mastering the art of success, overcoming fear, and cultivating an empowering inner coach.

A Network for Success

Guidance on how to build and leverage a supportive success team, including the significance of joining or forming masterminds for sustained growth and development.

An Inspired Vision of the Future

A unique experience at the 'Future You Party', where you’ll visualize and celebrate your future business achievements, fostering a powerful success mindset.

Wellness and Work-Life Balance

Tools and practices to integrate wellness into your business journey, highlighting the importance of mental and physical balance in your business journey.

Valuable Networking Opportunities

Access to exclusive networking events, offering you the chance to build meaningful connections, share experiences, and foster potential collaborations with fellow entrepreneurs.

FUNdamentals Live | #FUNLive

Event Details

Agenda - Day 1

Day 1 | June 7, 2024

Day 2 | June 8, 2024

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What if I have more questions?

You can contact Aaron directly at ConsultAaron.com or if you would like to schedule a quick call to discuss the event. CLICK HERE

FUNdamentals Live | #FUNLive