The FUNdamentals of Business Success Book

The FUNdamentals of Business Success

Discover the FUN in becoming a business owner

Transform your passion into a Business You Love!

'FUNdamentals of Business Success’ is your down-to-earth business guide for small business owners. This book is all about ditching the daily grind and finding the FUN in your business. With thirteen FUNdamentals, it’s a no-nonsense guide that helps you lay a solid foundation. It’s time to get excited about what you do! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take things to the next level in your current business, this book is your guardrails for success.

From the Author

From a young age, I was fortunate to be immersed in the world of small business owners, thanks to my Dad, a CPA who specialized in small businesses. As I embarked on my journey with Our Success Group and earned my Success Principles certification, I noticed a clear parallel between the universal truths of personal success and the operation of a small business. It all boiled down to building a solid foundation.

Over the years, as I traveled the world speaking to small businesses, and experienced the highs and lows of business as an employee, owner, and consultant, the concepts in this book began to take shape. Initially, the 5 Keys of Growing and Launching, paired with the 5 Keys of Planning and Marketing, allowed me to share these ideas. As the training grew within Our Success Group, the business-related articles and Small Business Saturdays episodes featuring the FUNdamentals at their core were met with great enthusiasm. I realized I needed to consolidate this information into a single, accessible reference to help proactive small business owners build a business they love.

The reason FUN is at the core is simple: when you align with your passion (or as we discuss in the book, your reason), running a business doesn't feel like an overwhelming job. It's all about having a foundation that allows you to control your business growth, rather than the other way around. My hope is that this book can serve as a guide for you to implement solid FUNdamentals and understand that the process is one of continuous improvement. Anyone can do it as long as they follow the steps and keep at it until it feels effortless, thanks to the momentum that's been built.

Aaron Montgomery

I'm eager for you to explore the book, and I'm here to support you on your journey to building a business that you truly love.

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The 13 FUNdamentals that will lead to building a business you love.

Empower Yourself

Take full responsibility for your business. Recognize that you are the one who determines the outcomes and level of success. Stop blaming, complaining, making excuses, and focus on solutions.

Clarify Your Reason

Define your purpose, mission, vision, dream, or "Why" for being in business. This clarity will guide all of your decisions and actions.

Reignite Self-Trust

Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Trusting yourself is the foundation of success. Acknowledge your past successes and use them as a foundation to build your self-trust.

Be a Goal Getter

Set clear, specific, and measurable goals and work towards achieving them. Your goals need to be specific, and you have to believe it is possible by the milestones you put in place as stepping stones.

The Relationships

Business is all about people. Building strong relationships is key to business success. Define your role, fill in the blanks with the right relationships, and communicate effectively.

Marketing Groundwork

Marketing is essential for business success. Define your brand, understand your target market, determine your product mix, develop a marketing plan, and monitor and adjust your marketing efforts.

Numbers Game

Understanding your business numbers is key to profitability and success. Understand your costs, develop a pricing strategy, manage your time effectively, and monitor your numbers.

Systematic Processes

Systematic processes can help you to save time and improve your bottom line. Develop a clear and efficient workflow, establish clear production and delivery procedures, and develop a systematic process for follow-up and customer interaction.

Conquer Fear

Overcoming fear is crucial for business success. Acknowledge your fears, utilize the trigger, and chunk down the action.

Productive Action

Taking action is key to moving forward in business. Swap the fear of failure for the drive to push through and embrace the Art of Success cycle.

The Success Team

Success is a team sport. Surround yourself with a team that supports your vision and goals. Including all the details to start or be part of a Mastermind.

Crave Feedback

The only way to make progress is to seek and accept feedback. Use it as a tool for growth and improvement.

Marginal Gains

Focus on constant daily improvement. Small, consistent improvements can lead to significant growth over time.

Check Out the First FUNdamental

The first FUNdamental is one of the most powerful foundations you can have. To prove it I'm giving it away free for you to check out. If you take the ideas and concepts in this chapter and start implementing them in your business, you are going to see more success. No doubt about it if you stick with it and reduce or even eliminate the blaming, complaining, excuse-making, and excessive commiserating. Share your email address below and we will automatically email you some opening thoughts about the book as well as the first FUNdamental. No charge and no expectations. I believe that those proactive small business owners will see the gains and will be hungry for the rest of the book.

Your Satisfaction is My Priority - Money-Back Guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident that 'FUNdamentals of Business Success' will provide you with the tools and insights you need to build a business you love. However, I understand that every business journey is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. That's why I'm offering a Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the book, I'll refund your purchase*. All I ask is that you genuinely give the FUNdamentals a try in your business. If you're stuck or need support, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to help you succeed. After all, your success is my success!

*The refund is available for up to 24 months from the purchase of the book.
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