5 Keys of Marketing

Our Success Group Membership

Day #1 (9/5/22) – Define Your Customer – We start by putting a magnifying glass onto who your IDEAL customer is and what makes them unique. This pinpoint accuracy will allow you to amplify your message, reach the right people in the right places, and spend less time and money doing it.

Day #2 (9/6/22) – Define Your Brand – Your brand is not the colors of your logo or the font on your business card. Your brand is your core values, personality, and how others perceive your company. This step will help you merge your message with your ideal customers.

Day #3 (9/7/22) – Pick Your Path – One of the big questions is what platform or strategy should be used to get the most value for your marketing time and money. The right approach is unique for each company, so we will look at the possibilities and help you narrow them down. 

Day #4 (9/8/22) – Set your Plan – Armed with some solid marketing groundwork from days 1 to 3, it is time to make the plan. Let’s get that strategy focused, looking ahead to the dates and events that will drive customers and leads to your business most effectively.

Day #5 (9/9/22) – Implement and Evaluate – It’s time to support you with the resources to take action. The plan is only as good as the actions you take and the feedback you get from each step. With the proper evaluation process, you can make changes on the fly and be ready to pivot, take advantage of new opportunities and continue to maximize along the way.

Implementation Call (9/14/22) – For VIPs and OSG Squad Members are invited to an exclusive zoom call to get specific for your business. It is one thing to have great concepts and ideas, but a second to implement and make them real. Take the action items from all 5 days of the 5 Keys WOrkshop and show up with your details. Everyone will get a chance to share their plan and get feedback and ideas. These serious business owners are ready to leave with excitement, their action plan, and a clear path to the best 3 months possible.

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